CPA Website Design

Assurance Accounting Group specializes in helping Investment Management firms become GIPS certified. They also offer other professional services.  We really feel this website came along great. It's clear, concise and speaks the language of the target client. By following the Website Blueprint Strategy, we were able to identify what topics were most essential to write about, what to leave out, and how to pull the viewer into take action. What you're seeing below is a highly refined version from where we started (with a ton of information). This project was proof that a complicated subject can be clearly explained and presented. All you need is the right tools, guidance and patience!

The team at AAG understands that offering value free of charge is a great approach to reaching more of their audience. To take advantage of this tactic, they provide a free PDF that allows the prospect to make the best decisions based on the new information they gain. Prospects are then automatically added to AAG's mailing list which will allow AAG to further market to those prospects (who have opted-in) in the future.

This website was designed with a strong Call to Action for prospects to "Get Started Today" which after is clicked, prompts them to take a short survey. This survey is immediately delivered to AAG and gives them all the information they need in order to help their future customers.

This was a collaborative project with Maple Creative Studios. Maple Creative designed AAG's logo and provided Brand Assets such as fonts, colors and element designs. Big thanks to Sabrah and her team.