1. Payment Terms:

Initial Deposit: For projects billed on a per-project basis, a 50% deposit of the estimated project cost is required upfront, unless an alternate arrangement is agreed upon initially.
Balance Payment: The remaining 50% for design projects must be paid within 15 days (NET 15), and for website design or development projects, within 30 days (NET 30) from the invoice date.
Late Payment Fees: For design projects, a late fee of 10% of the outstanding balance is applied weekly, starting from the 7th day following the NET 15 deadline. For web design or development projects, a 5% late fee is charged every two weeks, commencing from the 14th day after the NET 30 deadline.

2. Invoicing:

Invoices are issued on a per-project basis. For clients with ongoing projects, invoices are issued monthly.

3. Accepted Payment Methods:

We accept Cash, ACH transfers, Credit Cards, and Checks. Preference is given to payments made by check.

4. Delays Due to Unforeseen Circumstances:

AM is not responsible for delays caused by unforeseeable events such as illness, injury, natural disasters, theft, computer/software failures, or other Acts of God.

5. Rush Rate Policy:

Priority Handling: A rush rate, entailing an additional 50% of the project cost, is available for expedited processing. For instance, a project normally priced at $100 will cost $150 under rush rates.
Definition of Rush Projects: A project is considered for rush handling if it requires completion within 72 hours (3 weekdays). Delays due to late provision of essential assets by the client will not be the responsibility of AM.

6. Use of Stock Images:

AM utilizes legally obtained stock images, either purchased/licensed for individual use or under the CC0 license. Clients choosing to use third-party images bear full responsibility for any legal repercussions.

7. After-Hours Emergency Work:

Emergency assistance provided after standard business hours (5 PM to 8 AM) will incur an additional fee of 100% of the standard hourly rate. In cases where AM is at fault for the emergency, no charge will be applied to the client.

8. Intellectual Property Rights:

Pre-Final Payment: All artwork created by AM remains its property until the final payment is made.
Post-Final Payment: Upon full payment, all intellectual property rights are transferred to the client for business promotional use.
AM’s Promotional Rights: AM reserves the right to use completed designs for its business promotional purposes.

9. Client Permissions:

Clients agree to provide necessary access to domain registrations, hosting accounts, and affiliated services for effective project completion. AM may also publicize completed websites to search engines and directories, as per project specifications.

10. Web Browser Compatibility:

AM ensures the functionality of websites on current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Any issues arising from browser updates after project completion will be rectified at the client’s expense.