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Medford Oregon Website Design & Development

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Caleb Arkie

We are web designers, strategists and content creators. We help position your business to attract more clients using our unique Brand Arkitect Framework

Our Strategy

Strategically design your website to attract more clients.

We love designing beautiful, functional websites, and we're here to be that guide and fulfillment team for your project.

But what's better than a beautiful and functional website? One that is actually working for you.

A website that is working for you is one that is bringing in either leads or sales. It should be able to capture the attention of your target market, as well as engage and convert them into clients.

Easy, right? 

Not so fast. Deciding how you want to be perceived, what to say and how to say it can become quite the strategic task. This is the challenge we enjoy and we'd love to discuss your project with you!

Let's Build

How we do it


A unique framework to make you stand out

100% Custom Web Design

We're not a fan of "templates", so we create each site unique to you.

Wordpress Websites

We love WordPress, and you will too!

Search Optimized

We get you seen on Google & Bing

Google Business Profile Setup

We'll setup your google business profile and optimize it for you, too.

Top Notch Communication

Unlike a lot of web designers, we're here for you always

We guide business leaders like you through our unique branding framework, step-by-step. This results in a website that cuts through the clutter, and clearly communicates why you are a leader in your industry… and why prospective customers need to connect with you now.

Our clients know they have a solution that outperforms their competitors. Arkie Media not only differentiates you from the others visually, but also clearly highlights the uniqueness of your brand physiologically – and clearly communicates your values, mission and vision to your community.

  • Julie Wurth

    Julie Wurth

    Communications Officer, La Clinica
    Caleb creates beautiful, functional websites. He's easy to work with, a clear communicator, and full of great ideas. He's responsive, too, and we've found that we've been able to continue to rely on his engagement and care months after the launch of our website.
  • Kyle Quaid

    Kyle Quaid

    Owner, Super Clean
    I chose Arkie Media for my local business and they were terrific! I’m already showing up on google and getting calls. I felt very well taken care of. Fast turn around. Would highly recommend them to anyone!
  • Josh P.

    Josh P.

    Choosing Arkie Media was the right decision. Caleb created our Logo and also our website. I was super impressed with the creativity and vision of Arkie Media. The design process was smooth and I was impressed with the end results. Caleb's ability to turn your ideas into reality is truly a gift.
  • Jessica Parker.

    Jessica Parker.

    Partner, Assurance Accounting Group
    We really enjoyed working with Caleb. His great design ideas, coupled with his efficiency and proactive communication with our team, allowed us to launch our website quickly and successfully. I fully recommend using Arkie Media. You won't be disappointed.
  • James Taylor

    James Taylor

    Since having our logo done, we knew we would contact Arkie Media again for our website. We did and our website more than we could have hoped for. We have had compliments on it. It is by far the best site in my industry in my area which helps a lot with perceived value.
  • Tom Pike

    Tom Pike

    Owner, Jump Education
    Caleb has been such an incredibly valued member of our web design and marketing team. He has taken our business ideas and translated them beautifully and effectively to create our website. He is also super-responsive when we need him for ongoing support. I would totally recommend him to anyone needing web design/build services!
  • Elise Dixon

    Elise Dixon

    Partner, Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry
    I'm so glad I found Arkie Media! Caleb was so great to work with, he did a complete overhaul of our old website and made it look and function so well. He was super patient with all of my requests and changes and he was really helpful in making sure things were correct and the most up to date as they could be. I highly recommend Arkie Media!
  • Trisha Foster

    Trisha Foster

    Former Program Manager, The Family Connection
    We felt like we had struck gold! Caleb was smart, a fabulous listener and was able to grasp our website vision within the first meeting! We were incredibly impressed with the professionalism, attention for detail, and communication skills. We could not be happier. We would recommend Arkie Media to anyone!
  • Tom F.

    Tom F.

    I was very impressed with them from the beginning: while scoping out the project, they listened intently to my concerns and made sure to incorporate them into the project's specs. They also made sure to check-in at various milestones. I highly recommend Arkie Media to any small (or larger) business looking to modernize and/or optimize their website.
  • Cathy Mendell

    Cathy Mendell

    Theia Financial
    Caleb is one of the most intuitive designers I've worked with. He can assess and capture the meaning and intention of our projects better than anyone I've met.
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Web Design Medford Oregon

Like you, we're invested.

We are committed to doing everything we can to help our clients’ businesses grow here in the beautiful Rogue Valley. We understand that each business has its own individual needs and objectives, and so we offer a range of services that are tailored to meet those needs and help you reach your desired goals. We don't simply apply a generic approach to each project, but take the time to understand each client’s needs, ensuring that we are creating something that addresses them effectively. We're here to work with you, not just for you.
Let's Build

Blueprints to Digital Success for your Medford Oregon Website

Effective website design is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics. Using our Arkitect Framework, we aim for designs that are not only visually appealing but also strategically effective. The end result? A website that engages visitors and aligns with your business goals.

Foundations of a High-Converting Website

Your audience seeks more than just services. Before a single design choice is made, we immerse ourselves in understanding your audience. Our goal is to create a website that clearly communicates your offerings and meets the specific needs of your target audience.

Mobile-First ARKitecture

Today's users access content from various devices. Our mobile-first approach ensures your website is optimized for any screen size, offering a consistent and quality user experience whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

The Journey of a Website Visitor

User experience is at the forefront of our design process. From their initial click to the final interaction, we aim to make the visitor's journey on your site intuitive, informative, and efficient.

Staying Ahead of Trends

The digital realm is ever-changing. We're committed to staying updated with the latest in web design, integrating the best practices with the Arkitect Framework to ensure your website remains relevant and effective.

Measure, Analyze, Refine

A website's launch isn't the end—it's just the beginning. We employ a cycle of measuring performance, analyzing results, and refining where necessary. This ensures your website continuously serves its purpose efficiently.

Clear Navigation and Purposeful Calls to Action

Effective navigation is crucial for guiding visitors through your site. A streamlined menu enhances usability, while strategic calls to action guide users towards desired outcomes. With Arkie Media, you get a site that's not just user-friendly, but also optimized for conversions.

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